Laboratory for Trace Organic Analyses
Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Krakow University of Technology

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About us

Laboratory for Trace Organic Analyses is an integral part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Krakow University of Technology. The Laboratory is accredited from Polish Centre for Accreditation that signed EA Multilateral Agreement. PCA has become a signatory of EA MLA

Laboratory is accredited in the area of the determination of PCDDs, PCDFs, PCB (Indicator, dioxin-like) and HCB in the Environmental, industrial, food and feedingstuff samples.

The quality system implemented at the laboratory is based on the principles included in the standard: PN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in relation to research laboratories accreditation. The laboratory is part of the Cracow University of Technology as an integral unit of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology.It was established in 2005. In the same year the quality system was implemented. Every year since 1996, the laboratory has been taking part in international inter-laboratory comparisons in determination of dioxins, PCB, HCB and PBDE in ashes, sediments and in other industrial samples.

The laboratory manager, Prof. Adam Grochowalski is a member of the European Committee for Standardization for the implementation of standards EN-1948 for the measurements of dioxin emission  in thermal processes and an expert working for UNEP Chemicals in Geneva for creation of documentation: Standardized Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Dioxin and Furan Releases as well  as BAT/BEP Guidelines within the Stockholm Convention regarding the reduction of emission of persistent organic pollutants in industrial processes, also as a representative of the Ministry of Environment.

The laboratory has been conducting its activities of dioxin and PCB determination since 1996.

For the past 10 years we have performed several thousand determinations in samples of food products, fodders and their components, animal and human tissues as well as in industrial products and in the environment.

The laboratory has gained experience in measurements of combustion gas emission in industrial processes, mainly from cement kilns, power producing facilities, waste incineration plants and metallurgical industry. In 2004 our laboratory was selected by the Danish Environment Protection Agency DANCEE to monitor emission of dioxins, PCB, HCB and other pollutants according to the emission standards from the metallurgical sector in Poland, within a GEF programme. On the Polish part the programme was coordinated by the Ministry of Environment.

Our telephone number:

The laboratory: + 48 12 628 2713
Laboratory Manager: +48 12 628 2112
Mobile: +48 881  500 878
FAX: 012-628-2036

Our address (in Polish):

Laboratorium Analiz Śladowych – LAŚ Politechnika Krakowska – Instytut C1
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Kraków, Poland

Our address (in English):

Laboratory for Trace Organic Analyses Chemistry Department C-1 Krakow University of Technology
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Krakow, Poland

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